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Welcome to Handyman School – your gateway to entrepreneurial success in the thriving field of home improvement! Our extensive program is designed to empower aspiring handyman entrepreneurs. Learn the essential skills of a handyman, from drywall repair, electrical, plumbing, home repairs, TV mounting, wire concealment, shelving installation, painting, as well as curtain and blinds installation. Our program doesn't just stop at technical expertise; we provide field-tested business strategies to help you maximize earnings and break free from the 9-5 grind. Join Handyman School and unlock the path to financial independence in your local market. Start your journey today!

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TV Mounting + Wires

Mounting & Hanging

General Repairs



Drywall Repair




Drywall repair $550 in 4 hours!


In Progress

After (paint drying)

Income $550

TV Mounting 3 TVs Wood Stud - 1hr:20min of work for $275!!!

3x TVs in under 1.33 hours

$22,339 Deposits doing luxury tile & full remodeling!

$10,000 tile job with laborers doing the work!

In this tile job, we also did popcorn removal & plastering, demolition of tile, baseboard installation and painting baseboards, junk removal, electric fan installation, and tiling the back patio.

Examples of monthly deposits

Electric fan installations ranging from $150-$500+

~$150-$250 to fan install

$500 fan install, concrete trench

~$150-$250 to fan install

$3,428 House Paint Job -3% CC fees

$3428 revenue - $500 materials - $1500 labor = ~$1,428 Net / 41% Net

$325 dishwasher repair, it wasn't draining.

Not draining

Now it is!

The process

$521.11 + $140 + $75 Cashapp = $736 Total



Electrical process


1st TV with shelving for PS5

2nd TV with receptacle

Frame TV with receptacle inside of box for $320

$320 invoice

Frame TV with receptacle and box

Completed Frame TV

$950 drywall repair job 8 hours of labor, $118.75/hr


Installing the drywall

Finished plastering, collect pay

Drywall patch $810


Cutting wall & damage out

Plaster & sand

Finished product

All payments

3 TVs mounted: $300 cash, $620, $75 = $995 for 4~ of work!!!

Additionally: $300 in cash

$300 just for this TV!

P-Trap leak for $300 - 30min job

$250 for 2 TVs in Concrete

$330: 2 Lights + 1 Receptacle

TV + Wire concealment + Shelves + Media console mounting

$188 + $521.11 + 383.50 + 152.75 = $1,245 in one day!

$16,995 Quote Approved!

$377 Wallpapering job! 60 an hour - 6 hours of work~

Paint job - $600 labor for 1 day of work!

$3,280 Paint Job: Ceilings, walls, Baseboards, Doors!



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